We C.A.R.E.

A Commitment to Service-Driven Community Engagement

Universal Strategic Advisors, LLC is acutely aware of the unprecedented health, economic, and social policy challenges that the United States currently faces. We are committed to the concept of “paying it forward” by aggressively addressing these challenges and proactively demonstrating to our current and future clients that we seek to engage, serve and empower the communities in which we live and work.

Guided by our commitment to service, US Advisors launched our community advisory committee, “Community, Assistance, Relations and Empowerment” or C.A.R.E. committee.

“As former public servants, our team felt it was critical that a portion of our resources be dedicated to the betterment of people less fortunate than ourselves within our communities. Our community outreach committee, CARE, will deliver innovative solutions to unlock the promise of technology and execute the philanthropic imperative of our team and clients.”

~ CEO, Universal Strategic Advisors, LLC

“Community service and a chance to give back is ingrained in our professional culture. Our community outreach efforts include not just acts of philanthropic giving, but hands on service and volunteerism. It’s honestly one of the most rewarding aspects of our team.”

~ Director of Operations


US Advisors commits to leveraging our strategic and process improvement tools, people, and capabilities to give back to our communities through service initiatives that directly assist vulnerable individuals and populations, including the nonprofits that support them on a continual basis.


US Advisors will draw on our long-standing partnerships with community stakeholders to foster unique perspectives essential to making informed business decisions, educating our team and advancing greater progress in society. We believe that our employees, customers, partners and community all play key roles in this effort. Together, we will strive to create a more equitable future.


We acknowledge that empowering community change-agents gives us the opportunity to create a more just and sustainable future. In order to fully demonstrate a commitment to bettering the lives of those most impacted by today’s crises, US Advisors pledges to use company resources and technology to create community-driven solutions that support the communities in which we live and work.

Service-Driven Community Engagement

“Giving back and supporting our local community is part of what Universal Strategic Advisors is all about. As a company, we feel the need to serve those around us because even the smallest contributions make a major difference in the lives of others.” -Chief Operating Officer, US Advisors

Orangewood Foundation is known for their services that they provide to youth foster 
children in Orange County. They are making a difference – and we want to be committed to advancing their cause.

Orangewood Foundation provides guidance in four main areas of life, health & wellness, housing, life skills & employment, and education. Along with this, they provide groceries, hot meals, transitional housing, life skill workshops, employment leads to their youth groups, as well as academic scholarships and educational needs.

US Advisors becomes an Orangewood Ambassador

Universal Strategic Advisors strives to help vulnerable children, a key reason why we chose to become an Ambassador for Orangewood Foundation, an exceptional foundation right in our backyard. Not only is it important to Universal Strategic Advisors to support Orangewood foundation, but building relationships with nearby community personnel is important to us as well. Here in California, there are over 60,000 children in the foster care system. Many children in California’s foster care system experience frequent placement changes. Children who are in foster care for 24 months or longer 15% experienced 5 or more placements and 44% experienced 3 or more placements.

Universal Strategic Advisors plans to sustain our involvement by providing items that are needed year round, along with monetary support that helps to fulfill the educational needs of the youth. “Our team is committed to ensuring the foster care kids of today, become the future of tomorrow with all of life’s opportunities made available to them.” – US Advisors CEO

Join Our CARE Committee

Interested in serving with us? If you feel your professional background, strengths, and key skill sets can assist US Advisors as we seek to provide resources to communities, please contact us at the email button below, and we will provide you information and an application.